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        After finishing his graduate studies with his Computer Engineering and Computer Science degrees, Fai works as a computer engineer in sunny California. He also works as a professional photographer. Over the past thirty years, he took many assignments and professional jobs (e.g. weddings, parties.. etc). He won many photo contest awards and sold a lot of prints with the help of his Nikon FE, D1x, D70s and D200. He used to burn rolls and rolls of slides for slide presentations, and now the exciting digital age is here. The most satisfying feeling is to sell prints to a person who is not even on it. Praise the Lord, he have also produced and sold many copies of an evangelistic DVD which has many of his photos and videos. One of the biggest projects he took was to take a group photo of 500 people of the 25th anniversary of a church that no professional willing to come. Everyone looks sharp in small groups which got stitched together to form a 48 inch by 36 inch big group picture. That was one of the most rewarding professional project he has ever had. In his spare time, he also enjoys playing ping-pong, music composition/arrangement, digital recording and digital darkroom and photography. His photo "Hit A Bullet Into The Fiery Cloud" in the digital dark category won the First Place in Betterphoto.com March 2006 out of 24600 entries. He is very grateful and honored to have won two blue ribbon 1st place prizes in two different categories in the Orange County Fair (California, USA) photo and visual art contest 2007 in the professional division. Awards Winning News  (Video). He also lectures computer science and digital photography classes(Video) .

Dr. Fai Cheng holds a B.S.E.E., M.S.E.E. and a Ph.D. in Computer Science, he's the founder of FAI Software Technology and Fai Cheng Professional Photography.

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